Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Services for Children

Restorative Dentistry Services for Children

The Kid's Dentist is here to help your child when they are facing dental issues such as tooth decay. Feel confident knowing that The Kid's Dentist has been in practice for 35 years with providing restorative dentistry procedures. Rest assured, our friendly and professional staff knows how to put your child at ease during their visit.

Top-Notch Tooth Decay Treatments

When you child has a cavity, our first step is to remove the decayed part of the tooth with a dental drill. We then fill and seal the cavity with a durable, tooth-colored composite resin to give the tooth additional protection from decay. Trust in us to provide your child with gentle treatment.

Stainless Steel Crowns

If your child has poor oral hygiene or is at high risk for cavities, a stainless steel crown will restore the decay and protect the remaining tooth surface. Also if your child has had a root canal, a crown will help prevent the tooth from fracturing. 

Not only are stainless steel crowns the treatment of choice for tooth decay, they are also the most economical option due to their strength and long lifespan. You can expect reasonable rates when you visit our family owned and operated practice for restorative dentistry work.
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