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Useful Tips for Parents

Partnering with The Kid's Dentist is a great way to ensure the oral health of your child. Trust in our 35 years in practice and our specially trained team to provide your child with quality dental care. From general dental services  to orthodontics, we can meet all your needs. Read some helpful pediatric oral care tips below.

Tips for Safe Pacifier Usage

  • Don’t dip a pacifier into honey or anything sweet before giving it to your baby
  • Don’t attach a pacifier to your child's crib or body with a string, ribbon, or cord
  • Pacifier shields should be wider than your child's mouth.
  • Stop using a pacifier if your child can fit the entire pacifier into their mouth
  • Inspect pacifiers for signs of wear or deterioration
  • Throw out the pacifier if the bulb is sticky, swollen, or cracked
  • Never leave your infant with a pacifier in their mouth or let them sleep with a pacifier
  • Never substitute a bottle nipple for a pacifier

Pacifiers VS Thumb-Sucking

The AAPD votes for pacifiers over thumbs to comfort new babies since a pacifier habit is easier to break at an earlier age. Orthodontic problems are lessened when the sucking habit it stopped early. 

To help stop the sucking habit, we will educate your child on what happens to their teeth if they continue to suck their thumb. Behavior modification techniques or dental appliances can also be used to break sucking habits.

Sippy Cup Advice

  • Sippy cups should not be used for a long period of time
  • Sippy cups should only be filled with water
  • Frequently drinking any liquid from a bottle or no-spill cup should be avoided
  • Sippy cups should not be used at naptime
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