Behavior Management

Behavior Management Recommendations

Behavior Management Recommendations

At The Kid's Dentist, we are ready to actively partner with you to maintain your child’s dental health. With 35 years in practice, we have an in-depth understanding of the special needs of a child's developing mouth.

We are able to make personalized behavior management recommendations based on your child’s health history, type of treatment needed, emotional development, intellectual development, and other important factors.

Goals of Behavior Management

  • Establish communication
  • Alleviate fear and anxiety
  • Deliver quality dental care
  • Build a trusting relationship between dentist and child
  • Promote the child's positive attitude toward oral / dental health and oral health care

Behavior Management Approaches We Use

  • Tell-show-do- explanations in just the right words for a child’s understanding
  • Positive reinforcement- praise and rewards
  • Distraction- diverting attention with music, movies, video games, etc
  • Voice control- adjusting voice tone or volume to calm a child
  • Modeling- observing other children's positive responses to treatment 
  • Local anesthetics- topical anesthetic for numbing checks and gums
  • Nitrous oxide /oxygen - reduces anxiety and gagging with nitrous oxide gas
  • Protective stabilization- Limits a child's movement during treatment to decrease risk of injury and allow treatment to be completed safely
  • Conscious sedation- child is relaxed but not asleep
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