Preventative Services

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Preventative Dentistry Services

As the longest established pediatric dental office in the area, The Kid's Dentist is uniquely qualified to provide your child with a full range of preventative dentistry services. You can depend on us to treat your child from infancy to adolescence.

Tips for Your Tot’s Teeth

  • Remove plaque and residual food by wiping your baby’s gum with a clean, wet gauze pad or wash cloth after feedings
  • Brush and floss your child’s teeth
  • Set a good example by cleaning your teeth daily

Sooth Your Baby’s Gums During Teething

  • Rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger, wet gauze pad, or wash cloth
  • Give your baby a clean teething ring to chew on
  • Call us if your baby has a high or persistent fever while teething
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Tips for Cleaning Your Child’s Teeth

  • Begin cleaning your baby’s mouth in the first few days after birth
  • Wipe your child’s gums with a wet gauze pad or wash cloth after feedings
  • After teeth erupt, clean the back teeth with wet gauze pad or wash cloth after feedings
  • After molars appear, brush all teeth gently with a child-size soft toothbrush and water
  • When brushing your child’s teeth, position them so you can easily see into their mouths – try sitting with your child’s head resting on your lap
  • When you child can spit and swallow, begin using fluoride toothpaste
  • Replace your child’s toothbrush when it is worn
  • Begin flossing when adjacent teeth are touching
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